Dr. Claudio Capozza


He is described as an untiring and eclectic roman Doctor, for his assiduous and constant commitment that makes him research beyond the normal medical profession.

1975 Degree as Medical Surgeon and Qualification to practice the profession of Physician-Surgeon
1989 Practical course of Vega Test
1992 Post Graduate Diploma in Orthomolecular Nutrition from The International College of Applied Nutrition (Australia)
1992 Post Graduate Diploma in Clinical Ecology from The International College of Applied Nutrition (Australia)
1993 Advanced Course in Psychobioenergetic
1993 Diploma of Orthomolecular Therapist by A.I.M.O. (Italian Association of Orthomolecular Medicine)
1994 Honorary Academic Member of the International Burckhardt Akademie
fro 1990
to 1994
I –II – III – IV levels in Homoeopathy and Constitutional Homeopathy for a total of 320 hours (HOM) (Homeopathic Medicine of Hahnemann), recognised by The Italian Medical Board of Rome-Italy
1994 Course in Homotoxicology (Reckeweg) (HOM) (Homeopathic Medicine of Hahnemann), recognised by The Italian Medical Board of Rome-Italy
1994 Member of AIMO (Italian Association of Orthomolecular Medicine)
1996 Diploma in Applied Kinesiology (AIOT) (Italian Association of Homotoxicology)
1996 Course in Crystal Therapy
1996 Organiser and Coordinator for International Convention in Alternative Medicine, ‘’Incontro tra Medicine’’, Rome, Italy
1996 Course in Australian Bush Flower Essences, for Pain and Stress Management, from The Australasian Flower Essence Academy, Perth Australia
1995/96 Course in Bach Flowers (Theoretical-Practical-Vocational Training)
1995/96 Course in Chimiopuncture, (Theoretical-Practical-Vocational Training)
1997 Member of AIOT (Italian Association of Homotoxicology)

Only speaker for Nature’s Plus Convention in Barcellona (Spain), on:

  • Anti-oxidants
  • Neuro syndromes form magnesium deficiency
  • Candida – The silent disease
1996/97 Course in Bioelectronics of Vincent, (Theoretical-Practical-Vocational Training)
1997 Tools of the Trade, Three in One Concepts,
Course of study using techniques of trust, gentleness and non-invasive self understanding skills
1998 Member of the HOM (Societa’ di Medicina Omeopatica Hahnemaniana- Association of Homeopathic Medicine of Hahnemann) recognised by The Italian Medical Board of Rome-Italy
1998 Course in Homeotherapy and Holistic Medicine 60 hours (HOM), recognised by The Italian Medical Board in Rome-Italy
1998 Coauthor and Scientific Consultant for the book ‘’Il Corpo e l’Anima, il Romanzo Dell’Omeopatia’’, (‘’Body and Soul, the Romance of Homeopathy’’)
1999 Registered as Homeopathic Doctor, at the Italian Medical Board of Rome-Italy
2000 Numerous articles published on Italian newspaper ‘’Italia Sera’’, on Holistic and Orthomolecular Medicine
2000 Speaker in four conventions on Clinical Ecology, Parassites and correlated diseases, in Rome, Milan, Verona, Bologna, for the school ‘’Nobile Collegio Omeopatico, (Noble College of Homeopathy)
2000 ReiKi Master in the Usui system of Natural Healing
2000 Certificate-Diploma as Rebirther, from the School of Spiritual Psychology in Transformational Breathwork & Rebirthing USA
from 1998
to 2000
Teacher of Homeopathy and Homotoxicology for the school ‘’Nobile Collegio Omeopatico’’, (Noble College of Homeopathy, for post graduate doctors, recognised by The Italian Medical Board) - 120 hours of teaching
from 1995
to 2000
Institute of Global Medicine,
Diploma of Naturopathy
4 year course + 1 year of specialization - hours 2,512
2001 Course in Structural Kinesiology from the school AEFB (European Association Flower Therapy Bioenergetic)
2001 Course in Flower Therapy Bioenergetic from the school AEFB (European Association Flower Therapy Bioenergetic)
from 1998
to 2001
Teacher in Constitutional Homeopathy, Homotoxicology and Integrative Medicine for the School HOM, recognised by The Italian Medical Board in Rome
2002 Course in Homeopathic Immunopharmacology, 20 hours (Nobile Collegio Omeopatico – (Noble College of Homeopathy) recognised by The Italian Medical Board in Rome
2002 Seminar in Functional Medicine Homeopathy – Homotoxicology
2002 Speaker in the conference in Bologna on intestinal parasitosis organized by OTI
2003 Three year course, 2000-2003, in Applied Kinesiology,
from A.M.I.K.A. (Medical International Association of Applied Kinesiology) Number of hours:450
2003 Course in Nosode Therapy, 72 hours, (Nobile Collegio Omeopatico- Noble College of Homeopathy) recognised by The Italian Medical Board in Rome-Italy
2003 Immunoendocrinal Physiopathology and Homeopathy course held in Rome-Italy
2003 Course on Basic DRIA test for Food Intollerances, held in Rome-Italy
2003 Teacher in Applied Kinesiology for food intolerances, for the school A.M.O.N. recognised by The Italian Medical Board of Rome-Italy
2003 Course of DNA 1 & 2 – by Vianna Stibal ( USA )
2004 3 year course 2002-2004 in Homotoxicology & Homeopathy, Kiniesology, Homeosinergetic Medicine,
of 180 hours, recognised by the Medical Board of Rome-Italy
2004 Formative Course in B.L.S.D. Provider, organized by Italian Society for Emergency-Urgency Medicine , Authorized Provider of American Heart Association’s CPE and ECC Courses
2005 Course in Disbiosys and Intestinal Parasitosis and Relation with some Chronic Pathologies, held in Rome-Italy
2005 Course on Probiotic, Prebiotic and Biological Medicine, held in Rome-Italy
2005 Diploma in school of “Homotoxicology & Integrated Medicine”
3 year course 2002-2005 (number of hours 300) from the Nobel College of Homeopathy in Rome,recognised by the Medical Board of Rome-Italy.
2006 Course on Genital-Urinary Pathologies in Physiotherapy, held in Rome-Italy.
2007 Course on Integrated Postural Treatment: Synergy between Manual and Medical Therapy, held in Rome-Italy.
2008 Registration at N°491 in the Roll of Members of NATURALITER (Accademy of Medical and Naturopathic Sciences)
2008 Course on Dermatologic Diseases in Homeopathy and Conventional
Medicine: Diagnosis and Therapy Compared, held in Rome-Italy
2009 Course of Reflexology of Body and Spirit: The Discoveries of Calligaris, applied to Human evolution and equilibrium for a total of 14 hours, from DADA (Research Centre for Development of Human Potential)
2009 Certificate of Registration in the Roll of Physicians-Surgeon of the Professional Association of Rome as from the 08/07/1975 with registration number 22175.
2010 Member of A.T.M.S. (Australian Traditional Medicine Society)
2011 Member of A.S.B.R.M. (Australian Society of Bioregulatory Medicine)

Dott. Claudio Capozza: 27 Henry Street - Queens Park 2022 NSW

Mobile 0434 196 241 - 0405 375 068
E-mail: cla49_1999@yahoo.it